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Gallery Systems

GloDerWorks provide a variety of innovative gallery systems allowing artists to present their work in a compelling fashion.

Our system allows artists to upload nearly any jpeg into the Gloderworks Gallery System.  The system will then automatically convert the image to the proper size needed for your gallery page and create a thumbnail.

Images can be placed into categories, displayed as a slide show, or designated in whatever manner you conceive.  Since we wrote our system, we can customize it to your vision.  Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Gallery Examples

Gloderworks has been my blog and web host for a bit over three years now. I went to them in desperation when my old host hijacked my domain name and would not let me move to another company. Gloria, Derry and Andrew not only resolved my issues but have been the best at taking care of my blogging and web needs. I'm just now growing to a web presence beyond my blog and they have done all the design work for my templates, a new shopping cart (coming soon), and all the weird tweaks I dream up. They are professional, reasonably priced, patient, timely (better then me) and creative! I'd recommend them to my best friend or my Mother! :o)

Deb Harowitz, Sea Air Arts