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The Odd Jobbers

The Odd Jobbers

The Odd Jobbers is a new Children's TV series produced and developed by Bewdley-based InspireGLG Ltd. It's now showing on CITV in the U.K. and Treehouse in Canada. Odd-Jobbers is a tale of four slightly odd but very friendly characters who live in a small village known as Patchville.  They are the Mendits.  There are three brothers - Osimo, Bitz and Bob and their cousin Mia.  They run a small business in Patchville, Odd-jobbing.  They will tackle anything.  No job is too big, small or too odd for them.  They enjoy nothing more than helping others by fixing, building, cleaning or whatever else is required.

The site features extensive Flash animation and is fully content managed. 

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